A Writer

I have been writing poetry since I was 11 years old. As a child, my mother taught me a lot. She taught me how to use the dictionary, never wanted to spell a word for me, instead she directed me to Webster to assist me. She did not allow me to write in a sloppy manner. As a matter of fact, she would rip out countless pages and make me start over, if it was done carelessly or contained too many mistakes. She taught me to fall in love with reading. It enhanced my imagination, enlarged my knowledge base and totally entertained me. All of these lessons molded me as a thinker. Writing was born as a result of that.

As I grew up, I observed a lot, felt a lot more and eventually became wiser. My mother also did not allow me to speak improperly. I was told to keep the slang in the street and to speak with respect and eloquence. I spoke with people from diverse backgrounds, of all ages and in many different places. The incidents and stories that touched me the most were, at times, difficult for me to express but not in my writing. For stories that I heard, I created characters when writing about them. For incidents that affected me most, I wrote without a filter. I was candid, sometimes profane and enjoyed every minute of the challenge!

I was told that my writing was a gift. I would write on the train, while travelling to and from school, work or an event, using a pencil to write on a brown paper bag. I would write while on a plane or train, in NYC or in California. I would write when I was happy, sad or mad as a hungry lion in a den alone. I would write poems that reflected historical moments in time or the pain of a people. I believe that my writing is not as much of a gift, as my ability to freeze moments and observe them from different perspectives. After that, I am able to share them with people from different backgrounds, uniting them, if only for a moment.

Becoming an author is what I dream of. After 2o+ years of writing, living and learning, I believe that I am universal. I can hear the testimony of a stranger and write about them as if they were me. Some of the poems that I have written have been published yet I feel my story, like many other stories, remains untold. My goal is not to become a milionaire or win Poet Laureate though the latter would be an honor. My goal is simply to communicate observations, emotions and wisdom obtained in a creative, as well as rhythmic manner. If I am able to touch ten souls and inspire ten more, then I will believe that my mission has been accomplished. I invite you to walk with me along this peaceful and turbulent journey. Add blessings to that and we have what we call life.


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