Acts of Kindness

Kindness seems to be dying rapidly along with chivalry, hand written letters and Big Momma (see my other blogs). Here is a list of 10 easy, FREE ways to be kind to others. Believe it or not, being kind to others will more than likely, make your spirit feel good (unless you are doing it to to receive it, which is an entirely different story). Anyway, read, comment, add or simply TRY it, even if it is only once a month, lol!

1) Send someone you do not speak to often an e-card saying that you are thinking of them. There are plenty of websites that allow you to personalize your message. Some even allow you to add pics and music.

2) Hold the door for someone as you enter or exit a store or building. It does not matter if they do not say thank you, although they may.

3) Give someone a compliment! YES, a simple, “you look nice today” or “I like your shoes” goes a long way. Do you know how many people never hear that?

4) As you are driving, allow a car to get ahead of you or a pedestrian to cross the street. In NYC, aggressive driving is key but not always needed. You may be allowing someone to get to a hospital or to catch a bus that is coming. It might make someone’s day.

5) Give a colleague a hand written or typed prayer or joke. If you can do this anonymously, that is even better. Every one can use a pick me up. Maybe add a Hershey’s Kiss or coupon to the paper.

6) Help someone who is carrying a lot of bags, especially the elders. It is a small gesture that means so much.

7) Call someone for their birthday or anniversary, leave the texting for another day.

8) Donate clothing or gently used but not needed items to a homeless shelter or a church.

9) Volunteer your time to a non profit organization. Many of these agencies need people to stuff envelopes, make calls or set up for events. They help people in need so why not help the helpers.

10) Say hello to strangers, to a child, a dog or a store owner. Acknowledging a person that you know or not know is very kind. Add a smile and you have a recipe for kindness.


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