Big Momma

Grandparents are not what grandparents used to be although they are still blessings none the less.
Grandparents used to be older when they were iniated into “grand parenthood”. They either did not work (ever) or were retired by the time their children became parents. Perhaps, the rise in teenage pregnancy a few decades ago or the change in family structures has contributed to the disappearance of “Big Momma”. Big Momma, a term many adults remember was attached to their grandmothers or elder women who played that role.
Today, grandmothers are typically younger than the grandmothers of yesterday. They are going back to school to pursue degress that they were not able to pursue earlier in life. They are joining organizations which require their presence. Simply put, grandmothers are seeming to be a little bit more “spunky” these days, not able to do as much with and for their grand children just due to the dynamics of life changing.
Big Momma used to look out for and take care of not only their grands but their nieces, nephews, children of their neighbors, employers and the list goes on and on. Whether they were nannies, state fund assistants or at home wives, they were visible, actively involved in their community and willing to teach the youth things about life that no book or website could teach as effectively. Big Momma is not so alive anymore.
However fans of Judge Judy, Madea and Mrs. Doubtfire all know that the characters represent more than high ratings or publicity. Those characters represent a familiar place and space in history. They represent the love of old hands and respect for the elders. Most importantly, they represent the women that gave birth to the women that gave birth to us. Rest in peace Big Momma, gone but never forgotten.


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