Black Love

Many look at the Obamas in awe. It is not that he is the first black president and she is the first black first lady. It is not even that they are both educated by Universities that both rank amongst the top of all in the United States. It does not have anything to do with their mediocre beginnings. It is watching them illustrate what America and their natives have not seen enough of. It is a black man and black woman seemingly, in love.
Historically, marriage and family, have been two structures that have been torn apart, within the African-American culture. One popular belief behind this tragedy is, the direct and indirect effects of slavery on the psyches of its people. Others blame it on a lack of opportunities available for Black people due to financial disparities and racism. It may even be, that most, were simply not raised to make a relationship as significant as marriage work. Whatever the reason(s) may be, it is no secret nor surprise that so many Black people remain unwed or quickly divorced.
Barack and Michelle Obama are an important couple to look at, by all ages, especially children and young adults. Similar to the Cosby’s, they have education behind them, their beautiful children in front of them and successes as well as failures (assumingly) to be the subjects of not a “perfect” picture but an inspirational one for generations to come. They represent black love that is supportive, hip and Christian based. They represent fun, business and attainable goals.
They do not represent the staggering statistics that Essence has reported in terms of educated black women being unlikely to ever find their Prince Charming. They do not represent the myth that being successful professionally can not go hand in hand with roimance. They do not represent a bitter black woman with a broke down black man living in false harmony “for the kids sake”. More importantly, they do not represent the media illustrations or statistics reported by them regarding BLACK LOVE between a woman and man. Looking at them represents hope, joy and more love, if not for the individuals that are watching then at least in the hearts of the individuals for them.

Hoping all of those reading this are experiencing it, rekindling it or approaching it, regardless of color or shade, especially those who may have otherwise lost it. KEEP LOVE ALIVE!


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