Education and Services

There seems to be many factors contributing to the deprivations that we see in our school systems. Public school education has always been a hot topic in the media and to politicians looking for a vote. The circumstances that the educational system face reflects that time frame, as well as impacts the future. The educational system is constantly changing and occasionally failing, “occasional” is a bit too frequent.
We all know that if all public schools modelled the schools that have been successful consistently, many schools would improve, maybe not immediately but eventually. School budgets are determined, to a great extent, by socioeconomic factors of the area that the school is located in. Why is it that students who live in a neighborhood where the gross income of the community is $35,000 not able to receive the same resources and opportunities as their peers who live in a community where the gross income is $85,000? Is that justice? Regardless of the popular opinion, that is the case. The performance of students on the state exams also contribute to the school budget. If a student is struggling academically,and a teacher is not supported or a parent is not educated enough to provide reinforcement, then that student is at risk. Who is responsible for that students failure?
The job of an educator who sincerely wants to make a difference in the education of a child is difficult. The responsibilities of a parent is seemingly never ending, whether the parent is educated, not educated, resourceful or a victim of the system themselves. The bridge between these groups of people is a bridge that, when firm and built upon, can push students to a successful plateau. A leader with a vision, who is committed to creating a productive school with programs, outreach and revisions, is a key component to a school’s success as well. Together everyone achieves more. What are we doing to change the issues that our children and communities face, both now and later? That is a question that needs to be discussed and a topic that motivates all of those affected to do just a little bit more…


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