Eternal Pac

What makes Tupac unforgettable? Is it because he represents the unborn potential that so many of us have recognize in young men like himself, that die too young? Is it those eyes that lit up and told a story that so many could relate to but never had time to utter? Is Tupac immortal because he was a good actor, passionate rapper and excellent poet, whose gifts were prophetic in ways? Could it be his Gemini personality that one either loved or hated? Praised or condemned? Allowed him to vaccilate between intellectual and thug, spiritual awareness and worldly values? Why do people refuse to let him go?
Tupac Shakur (1971-1996) has been the subject of conversations amongst college professors, grandmothers and children who were not even born before he passed away. He has sold billions of records since his death 15 years ago to fans, some of which were not fsns of his while he was alive. It seems as though he is worth more now that he has passed than when he was performing “Gangsta Party” in the flesh rather than through a hologram. Whether these thoughts are true or not true, one thing is certain, Tupac managed to embed himself in the minds and souls of way more than he could ever imagine.
Eric Mike Dyson wrote a book about the life and death of Tupac Shakur called, Holler If You Hear Me, examining the admiration of and love for Tupac through the eyes of a sociologist. The University of Washington offers a course about Tupac Shakur after receiving criticism from the media and other collegiate professionals. His impact can not be ignored.
His constant run-ins with the law, his humble beginnings and his collage of tattoos seem to add to his reputation of being an urban legend yet none of those factors negate the love that so many have for him. As with many, Tupac became more refined as he began to mature. It may be difficult to fathom the epitome of his career or life solely based on what he had manged to accomplish up until September 13, 1996. All indicators point to the direction of a successful artist held in high regards by his peers and fans. In a spiritual sense, Tupac accomplished that and went beyond that, almost as if his death sealed his fate. The world simply can not let him go…hopefully he is resting in peace.


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