Happy Birthday Ramarley

On February 9, 2012, Ramarley Graham was shot and killed by a police officer at the 47th precinct in the Bronx. Since, then, he has been remembered and celebrated by his family, teachers and members of the community who remember his chocolate brown smile and heart.
His murder sparked marches, the media and a cause for concern amongst the people. He was 18 at that time, a young man who most believe was robbed of the chance to reach his potential. Being taken before his epitome justifies yet another crime.
Today Ramarley would have been 19 years old. Marches continue. Memories will never die. Candles are still lit and voices still heard in hopes of justice being served, finally.
Ramarley Graham, though gone too young and too soon is still a change agent, blessed by God. If changing the city or world he lived in was too high of a bar while he was alive, he is surely smiling about it in his after life. The Movement continues. We march for you and those like you! You are loved and missed!

Maches and outreach occurring today at 229th Street and White Plains Rd. in the Bronx as well as every Thursday for the next few weeks at the address listed above. Come and support if and when possible. He was ours and he could have been yours.


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