Hello Fall…

Fall 2012 has arived! The children are back to school, bathing suits are packed away (even if only for the moment) and Halloween is on it’s way. The leaves are starting to turn beautiful earth tones and some of us look forward to the Holidays and season to come…winter. Even before December arrives, there is so much that we can do in order to enjoy the season upon us.

In addition to pulling out the wool fedoras, changing the decor of your home and starting to view what reality TV shows you will be a fan of this season, here is a list of things you might want to consider doing as fall falls into our immediate vision:

1) Try a new style. Every year, fashion experts have a series of “do’s” and “don’ts” for a particular season. Of course, most of what they say is true however there is ALWAYS an exception to the rule. One of the most beautiful things about being creative and/or a visual learner is being willing to take risks. The art of being original is courage at it’s best. If you have always wondered how you would look at your BOLDEST, now is the time. If you want to wear a fuzzy Kangol with a formal dress or business suit, I say, “GO FOT IT!” The only way you will know what suits you best is if you try it. You may find yourself so in love with your “new style” that it becomes your redefinition.

2) Visit your local apple picking farm or a conservatory that honors the beauty of the fall. In NY, apple picking season started a bit earlier. Check your local venues to find out about prices, seasonal activities and/or events that may surround the Fall. The colors of the fall, admiring nature as well as celebrating your life, at whaever point it may be, is so inspirational.

3) If you are not an avid reader, go to the bookstore and test your curiosity. Books take you places that you could not fathom. By the way, Poetry 2Life by D.D. Wright will be available for purchase by mid-October. If you are not an avid movie viewer, go to the movie theatre or check out what is up and coming. Make it your business to do something different in terms of entertainment and enlightenment. The time is no better than now.

4) Pick up a new hobby. Hobbies are universal and timeless. What better way to spruce up the season than to do something that you enjoy, are good at or would simply, like to try. You can do some fixing up in your home, learn how to do the step dance, take a yoga class, join an online book club. With a little research, you may be able to take on a hobby that is free or very affordable.

5) Get together with your friends. Many get togethers take place during the Holiday season. Some friends meet in the summer at the beach or plan a trip but do not allow fall to fall by your waistline. Invite your friends out if they do not seem to remember to invite you. Meet at a nice location where you can enjoy the breeze and catch up at the same time. They may even be willing to participate in a hobby that you have or go to Barnes & Nobles with you.

As always, I encourage all blog readers to add their own suggestions. It would be appreciated if you tell others about what great experiences you have had in the Fall. May you all be blessed with a beautiful season đŸ™‚


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