I wear my hood because it keeps the chills away,

passed down to me, my father’s protege.

It does not determine my intellect,

nor represent my dialect.

It does not expose my upbringing or heart,

it does not justify my end or accelerate my start.

It is simply a Hoodie.

It is not my fault that the hood is so fresh,

I did not choose to redefine it with my flesh.

Is it now a tool for racial profiling?

Are they going to be banned from department stores?

Denying parents the right to online buying?

Hoddies are a classic piece of clothing,

all ages, all colors, all races, no loathing

just cotton!

No pun intended.

I am in school, in my neighborhood, educated, drug free,

young, wise, ambitious, handicapped, full of life, full of grief,

white, black, retired, professional, parentless, scholarly,

poised, happy with my fist in the air rockin’ my damn black hoodie.

RIP Trayvon and the many others before you,

We rock black hoodies despite the stereotypes of you

and for justice for you

and all.


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