Independence Day

a thought, a concept,
wrapped in idealogical bicepts,
with a ficticious muscle for brawn.
Are we independent of the world?
Is is at the bottom of the sea?
Lying next to that precious pearl?
Meaning the lack of co-dependence.
Are we independent islands
existing in seas of our own?
Do we make it to the top of our goal ladder
by climbing each step alone?
Indepndent of each other, love and materialistic gains?
Do we live and thrive independently, in order to maintain?
Fireworks to celebrate being free of the chains?
While homes people depend on are in foreclosure with no names?
Do we celebrate being free of slavery because we get paid?
Land of milk and honey that we cant gain from but we laid?
Independence Day, a day off to BBQ and take a sip,
to celebrate that which we do not depend on, yet depend on it?
I berlieve it should be re-named Independent Spirits Day!
Let us celebrate being free within our spirits,
and grateful we made it another day!
Let us not believe that we are completely independent of life’s
treasures and tragedies,
as if we are invincible should we lose what we depend on daily.
Never take for granted the gifts we receive,
never forget that that pay check is not a guarantee,
let us not depend on seeing and reading each other’s poetry,
we do not want to be reminded of life’s fragility so
independently yet collectively,
we can celebrate this holiday,
honor the soldiers that fly amongst us
that sacrificed their lives so that we can remember
on this special Day.
Happy Independence Day!


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