Mcrowave World

Have you noticed how quickly everything moves and changes in comaprison to not long ago? Instead of ovens and cooking on the stove, recipes are now posted on practically everything, with “Microwave Directions”. It seems almost prehistoric for anyone to hand write a letter and place it in a pretty envelope with a stamp on it. Of course, emails have pretty much eliminated that option, for many.

The personal touch is not so common anymore. Taking a slow walk or stopping to take a deep breath is not as common either. Living in New York City, a city that was tageed,”never sleeps” does not help yet even the world around us is constantly trying to catch up. Making clothes with a sewing machine or biscuits from scratch is considered “absurd” by many young people and even a bit “strange” by adults in middle age. The activities that used to take time have been replaced by the inventions that cut time as well as originality.

Yes, change is the only thing that does not change, this is true. Not too long ago, a television and a telephone, were rare luxuries so each generation improves in regards to innovative ideas. However, at what extent? How important is it to complete a task in half of the time? Does that mean that the time that you have left is spent wisely? Does the product of a “fast task” have as much quality as that of a task which takes time or one that is conceived when done slowly.

These are just thoughts. The advance in technology has benefits as well. To not be aware of how to do things the way that the world almost forces us to, would leave anyone at a disadvantage. However, a happy medium is not such a bad idea. To move forward while preserving certain cultural and more traditional ways of doing things also has its benefits. Will the world ever slow down again? To smell the roses? All pros and cons need to be considered, of course. Consider yourself fed a good, wholesome meal…food for thought.


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