Media Frenzy

The million dollar question would be, “Is there a way to avoid the impact of the media on the psyche?” The media determines our perception of beauty, cultures and the way we think. Researchers have been studying this phenomena for decades.
Sure, we can turn the television and radio off. We can go as far as to live primitively by not owning a cell phone or computer. Would avoiding these means of communication help us to remain un-penetrated by the media? Would that even be a safe, healthy way of living. With so much going on in our communities and in the world, we have to maintain some form of knowledge as it relates to our place in the world. Right?
Well, there are ways to keep it from dictating life. Reading is powerful. Reading in terms of non fictional books, books that improve one’s outllook or educates in some way. Another way to avoid the media controlling the brain is to feed the spirit. Feeding the spirit means having a sense of spirituality and feeding it. Whether it is listening to music, reading a scripture or meditating, it can keep the media from affecting the belief system. Direct communication with people, friends and family keeps the personal touch alive. Making a phone call, meeting up for dinner, travelling to visit relatives can not be replaced by a text, email or skype message.
There is nothing wrong with watching the news, updating your status or tweeting with strangers. Everything has a time and a place. The most important factor would simply be the balancing act between what is going on in the world (media) and what is going on in YOUR world (self).


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