Mother’s Day Gift

Mother’s Day is, perhaps, on of the most underrated holidays. Most people know Mother’s Day is every day, from conception to death. Like Christmas, Mother’s Day is a big time money maker for retailers of all sorts. Of course, mothers that truly honor the title, deserve the world’s gems and most luxurious of gifts. However, most people have to be honest, money can be an issue. If no one else knows, then a mother knows, it is truly the thought that counts, add effort to that and a mother is smiling. Here are just a few ideas for gifts for any mom on Mother’s Day:

1) A Gift Card:

This is ideal, no matter what the denomination. They never expire therefore there is no pressure for Mom to add a trip to a store as another task on the “Task List”. A $5 gift card to Dunkin Donuts, a $10 gift card to or a $25 Visa gift card, all will be appreciated. It allows Mom some flexibility as to choosing what they like AND it is stress free for you. Many stores sell a large variety of gift cards. Stores such as Rite Aid, CVS, Walmart are just a few stores where you will have a large variety to choose from.If there is a store that they frequently shop at, simply go to that store and inquire. More than likely, they sell them. The beauty of gift cards are that most can also be used online. Again, another reason why they are such a delight.

2) A Letter:

A few years ago, Wendy Williams mentioned sitting down and WRITING (not texting, emailing or facebooking) a letter. The letter can include things such as lessons that you have learned, reasons why you are grateful or ways in which this mom has influenced your life or that of another. Choosing paper, a pen that writes with the effect that you want it to have and/or decorating the paper after the letter is written are all ways that it can be personalized more. Mothers love to read what they children write and would probably be a gift that they cherish forever. Pour your heart onto paper and seal it with a kiss. Perfecto!

3) A Gift Bag:

Create your own gift bag of healthy items. Include things that they would like. A framed picture of you and them, song lyrics that you believe describes them or a CD that you burned along with some items that smell good such as a candle, scented oil, a small bottle of perfume are all items that would be appreciated. Of course, you can add what you like or what they like. The fewer the items, the more each will stand out. If its possible, think about it in advance so that you enjoy puttimg the gift bag together.

4) An I.O.U Certificate:

Many mothers are busy. They may work or be looking forward to retirement. Everyone loves an IOU Certificate. You can either download a certificate or write one or two, yourself. Some ideas, a certificate giving them 6 hours away from their child/ren or a weekend off, depending on your relationship with that mother. An IOU for a drink during Happy Hour on a Friday or Tuesday, whatever day works for you and them. Another good idea for an IOU is for a dessert or a coffee. Mothers, like all humans, go through phases. An IOU, similar to a gift card, allows them to redeem it when it is convenient for them. As long as you stick to honoring it when they choose to redeem it, it is a gift that keeps on giving.

5) A Home Cooked Meal or a Special Treat

All of us need food, mothers especially, lol! If you know what they like, then the biggest task will be cooking it to their liking. If you are particularly good at baking, a beautiful cake or a more exotic treat would also be good. Add fresh fruit or something healthy that does not leave an unfavorable taste afterwards adds to the decor. When in doubt, stick to treats!

6) A Healthy Picker Upper

For mothers who are a little older or a litle less healthy, this is perfect! Put togeher a little (or big) basket of things that will make them feel better. Generic items might be ginger snaps (good for upset stomachs), tea (good for anything), a pillow (for their backs, legs, neck) and a heating pad. All other items will be depending upon that mother. Including things that appeal to the senses such as lavendar for smelling, a prayer (for seeing), soft items to touch and a soothing CD to listen to would be considered good additions to the basket. Many discount stores sell baskets, depending on the size and type, generally determines the price. They are cost effective.

Happy Mother’s day to those angels who God allows to give birth to the lives He creates. Some women have not given birth but are still mothers, mothers to the community, mothers to various relatives, mothers through adoption or foster care. A woman who has love in her heart and nurturing abilities in their hands who shares it with children is a mother…


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