My Apologies (Poem from Poetry 2Life)

I am sorry for the sorrow you feel and the way that I hurt you deep.

I am sorry for being who I am instead of who you wanted me to be.

I am sorry for calling you royalty and then taking your crown.

I am sorry for making you feel good then letting you down.

I am sorry for exposing my core, before exposing my distance.

I am sorry that for the rest of your life, you will exude some resistance

because of me.

I am very sorry that I deferred your dreams, took your hope away.

I am sorry that I brightened your eyes and then lead you astray.

I am sorry that you feel the brunt of my flaws

and blame yourself because I did not stay.

I am sorry that I have had to turn my back although

you look for my face and voice every day.

I am sorry that I told you that I would give you the Universe,

without first telling you that I was incapable of putting you first.

I am sorry that you have to live with wanting me to be your Knight.

I am sorry that you were ready to box for me when I had fixed the fight.

I sincerely apologize for confirming the fears that you had all along.

I am sorry for erupting the melodies within you, of blues songs.

Whether you forgive me or not is left up to you to decide.

I will remain unaffected by what you feel and experience on the inside.

Hopefully, you forgive me, for you more than for me.

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