Papa Jones by Cynthia Turnquest Jones

A dear friend of mine lost her father-in-law and wrote this beautiful tribute poem to honor his memory.

Papa Jones

by Cyndi Turnquest Jones

I met my Papa Jones 20 years ago;
Quiet and observant with a star studded glow.
His smooth demeanor carved a spot in my heart;
A mellow giant as he called me Cynti from the start.

He called me to the side as I stood in my white dress;
He said, “you two will be fine and you will be blessed.”
“I have a few words about my Earl.”
He spoke in his deepest voice…about one of his pearls.

“He can cook, make a bed, work hard, and clean a house.”
“We taught him respect but he’s quiet as a church mouse.”
He then smiled and said, “I know you will be a good wife.”
“Look at who I’m married too; this is for the rest of my life.”

A cool, calm, and collected Black man;
He stood with gentle strength and raised a noble clan.
Earl, Paul, Kendra, and Deron;
He is the exception to the rule that all good Black men are not gone.

“We want to meet this Papa Jones”, my sons said to me;
I talk to them about great men- I’m a product of one…proudly.
He met us at the airport and I introduced them to him;
They hugged and kissed while Papa Jones grinned.

While walking down a Belizian Road one gorgeous summer day;
Tagging along with Papa Jones letting them kick dust on their way.
Returning with hair cuts, sweet treats, and dusty legs;
Bragging about Papa Jones looking like they fell in nutmeg.

“Papa Jones is that you?” A slight pause…then he says,
“Yes, Cynti it is me what are we eating today?”
“Fried fish and bread.” “Now you are talking my dear.”
He silently returns along with an iced cold beer.

Infused with a meek, mild persona, plus mixed with few spoken words;
My Papa Jones and Mother Jones personifies true lovebirds.
A Black Man with his wife whom he maneuvers like a rare stone;
By exemplifying to his sons how to be the backbone.

God is an awesome God for placing a second Dad in my space;
My sons are blessed-for Papa Jones raised Earl with grace.
Thank you for being my Papa Jones I love you very much;
A little girl from New York whose heart you touched…


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