Ramarley’s Call

Yesterday, Ramarley Graham would have been 19…had his life not been taken, seemingly prematurely. Many gathered at Ramarley’s home to celebrate his life as well as remember the heinous way in which he was murdered.
As a people, many of us are not accustomed to “standing” for long. We make noise, scream in agony, clear our throats and get back to the day to day routine. The world around us knows this so they record, discuss and write about the event and a week later, do not expect the outcry to continue. Usually, those that assume that are correct.
The bittersweet factors that contribute to the marches and fight for justice is that there are far more tragedies that occur that no one speak out about. In the event of Trayvon Martin, Civil Rights leader Angela Davis spoke on CNN reminding us that this has been happening for many decades, the deaths of Trayvon as well as Ramarley, are far too frequent.
The death of Ramarley as well as countless other young men of various hues, reminds us to vote for city officials, involve ourselves in assembling and embrace our youth with a soft heart and tight grip! This is not just a community issue, it is a national movement!

Sign the petition to contribute to the justice we seek for Ramarley Graham!

To read and learn about issues facing our youth or information about what is going on in the unvisited parts of our world


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