Rest and Relaxation

It seems many have to make it a conscious choice to rest more, stop and REALLY smell those roses. On shows such as Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil and Sweetie Pies, there have been converstaions of chronic fatigue syndrome. Plain and simple, people are TIRED! Before reveiwing the suggestions that I believe will assist in resting as well as enjoying it, there is one suggestion that will beat them all. Go see your doctor regularly. Heck, call the doctor tomorrow and make an appointment before you check the hours for the the next shpwtime at the movies. As an employee, parent, child of elder parents, we have to make sure, we take care of ourselves! This is not a blog about the LONG REST but HEALTHY rest.

1) Seek silence. Silence is peaceful. Living in a busy world with all forms of media, it may otherwise be difficult to find silence. Whether it is in a parking lot on a side street or in your budoir after everyone is asleep. To be in silence, away from any distractions, allows one’s self to connect with all of their inner strengths. If possible, cut the cell phone off! Enjoy that moment.

2) Practice yoga. There are many books in Barnes & Nobles and many snippets on youtube where information is accessible. Yoga incorporates breathing techniques and light exercises that date back centuries! It allows individuals to not only relax but encourages good health. Most books and videos say to speak to a physician before beginning to practice. A twenty minute routine can make such a difference.

3) Listen. Listen to jazz or classical music. Listen to the birds early in the morning when the sun first rises. Listen to music without lyrics that will allow your mind to drift, almost or hopefully into a meditative state. Download an app on your phone or ipad that has nature sounds. Listening to sounds that represent peace and relaxation will allow for opportunities to rest.

4) Read. Reading takes you to another place whether international or fictional. If Barnes & Nobles is not a fond place, scan through Amazon and download a book on your cell phone (if you have a Kindle app). You can even read snippets in advance of purchasing. If all else fails, the Public Library is always an option. They have tables and comfortable chairs where you can stay a while. Part of resting is not thinking about or entertaining daily thoughts. A book, magazine, newspaper, poem all provide a mental vacation, if only for a moment.

5) Create a sauna. Get a few items that you enjoy. Candles that smell nice. Lavendar is a particular scent that inspires relaxation. You may want to get a wine or cognac, whichever soothes you. Play some light music. Make the temperature of the water as warm as you can tolerate it without discomfort. Add bubble bath. Putting a teaspoon of olive oil and a teaspoon of sea salt will allow skin to be moisturized and exfoliated. Sit in and enjoy.

Please add any suggestions that you may have or tried. Please allow this page to be a source of information and inspiration. Forward this to your friends/family/colleagues and add suggestions, they are always appreciated.


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