Resting Angel

Resting Angel

You wanted to save me from pain.
You did.
You taught me the essence of kindness.
An angel.
You nurtured the family.
5 generations.
You faced adversity with grace.
Role Model.
You laughed from your soul.
I heard it.
You cooked Sunday dinners like a Chef.
Thank you.
You prayed for us all.
We pray for you.
You aged but maintained spunk.
You are close to 8 decades.
God bless you.
You are so loved and appreciated.
No one like you.
You beat cancer the first time.
You exude peace and determination.
You have seen many go.
You stayed.
You are a phenomenal woman.
You danced with us all.
Snapping my fingers.
You were open and loving.

You hurt and suffered.
Never said a word.
You cried out quietly
as you continued to serve.
You sleep quietly.
Still teaching us about life.

My aunt turned guardian angel.
I give you tribute while you are still

Poem copyrighted by D.D. Wright @2012


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