Sista Love

No one can deny the beauty of sisters uplifting and supporting one another. Whether they are sisters through the bloodline or simply by chance, the bond is irreplaceable.

Women have shared so much, regardless of race, age or socioeconomic status. Women who were slaves shared bonds with the wives of their slave owners. All young girls know, there is no one quite as special as Grandma, their own human guardian angels. Little sisters look up to big sisters. Girlfriends are each others backbones, sharing smiles, tears and maybe boxing gloves. There is power when women are united. Period.

Daughters often become their mothers as they mature, whether their mothers are their birth mothers or through another canal. Denying the connection that women share would be the same as denying the sun in the middle of July in NYC. It is impossible.

Today, young girls that have a strong group of women behind them are pretty much unstoppable. For those who may not have as many, hope is not lost. Books such as Letters to A Young Sister by Hill Harper or Daddy’s Little Girls by T.D. Jakes offer advice to young women on their way to womanhood. Organizations such as The Point in the Bronx or A Better You, A Better Me are just a few places where young women can be encouraged as well as empowered. Countless sororities and websites offer insight into being or becoming a phenomenal woman.

There is no love like Sista love. It is truly a blessing to have one and even better to be one.


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