“It takes a village to raise a child.” – African Proverb

Where are the villages that used to contribute to the overall raising of our children? Communities are no longer as filled with people who looked out for the children of their neighbors. For those communities that still have the original “neighborhood watch”, there are few and far in between.

After school programs and neighborhood community centers have become scarce. Recreational centers, dance classes and karate can be costly, running neck to neck with the cost of living, groceries and gas, along with the decrease of employment and salaries. Where do our children go when they need a helping hand with their homework or a hobby? To the internet?

Regardless of the family structures that exist, single parents or middle class married couples, all children need a village. In order for children to be well rounded adults, children need many outlets, recreational, academic and spiritual. With budget costs in school systems, the need for most parents to work constantly to make ends meet and the social issues that mold the upbringing of children, the “village” perspective needs to be applied more now, than ever!

Can we blame children for their obssession with Facebook? Do we wonder why online bullying has landed in our living rooms? Is there something that you can do, WE can do, to make a pesonal connection with our youth? Surely, there are ways that we can.

What are some reasonable solutions that will give our children an opportunity to learn the most while enduring the least amount of setbacks? A different perspective to consider is the village that we create for them will be the village we live in because they are the ones who will build the village that we grow old in.


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