Moment Of Silence

A Moment of Silence

Let us stop for a moment and close our eyes,
whisper a prayer or pay homage to,
those who did not rise.
Let us think about someone suffering in pain or
just remain silent because someone is stuck in the rain.
A moment of silence to ask for strength to go on,
carry those bags up all of those stairs,
the case seems so long.
A moment of silence for women being abused,
a friend who is too close to blowing a fuse,
a child struggling in school
or a patient disgnosed with the blues.
To stop and just think of someone at wit’s end,
to send them your bubbly energy despite how
you may feel within,
may be what you need to do
to receive your blessings.
Give a moment of silence
for whatever my be burrowing in your soul,
whatever may be your secret, fighting to take control,
for that secret that you are keeping to protect others or
that which troubles you about another.
For those of you reading this,
I Will give twenty moments for you,
pay it forward by giving me a moment too.
We share this world together, whether stranger or friend,
my silence for you is that you do not break,
simply bend.


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