What an incentive, SoundCloud is for musicians, rappers, comedians and spoken word poets. This webiste allows talented people to upload an audio file to a website which provides the recorder with a link that they can share with others. The best part is, it is completely FREE. For struggling artists, free is always the best option. SoundCloud can also be downloaded from the Android network and the App Store for ipad/iphone users.
It is a very easy-to-use app, allowing you to replay, delete and share with social networks. Links can be forwarded via email and text messaage as well. The sound quality is clear and background noise is reduced automatically. Not only is this a useful tool for those who want to be heard, it is enjoyable to those spectators who enjoy listening to fresh and/or underground artists. Possiblities are limitless with SoundCloud. Musicians can be discovered on this network. Poets can share their words with their audience with ease and confidence from various locations. Rappers can perform live with no physical audience, for the world to hear.
Once registered on SoundCloud, as with other online networks, users can upload their profiles with a brief bio. This is a great way to publicize one’s self. There are feedback fields where listeners can leave encouraging words and/or constructive criticism. Listeners can simply give a user a thumbs up sign without revealing their identiy. The best way to develop an opinion about this network is to view it yourself. Please leave feedback in the comments below about your experience with SoundCloud. Comments are always appreciated.


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