Standing Beautiful (Tribute to Fall & Differences)


Standing, lighting up the sky, alone.
The yellow hue set against a gray tone,
beautiful Earth,
giving birth
to life uncloned.

No leaves alike, no trees the same,
each so Heavenly,
standing, proudly untamed.
Humans stand in awe of you,
Regardless of your roots,
or color,
your skin and shape is beautiful.
Oh, what a wise tree,
Inspiring students to learn discreetly.

A landmark on concrete,
ornament of the fall,
a gift to the world as leaves fly
from overflowing to not at all.
Only for a moment, we are able to embrace,
a speeding burst of color,
Gods amazing face.
To you, we pay tribute,
humbled by your grace.

Copyrighted @2012 by D.D. Wright


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