Ode To Sandy

Scientists study you and we listen,
warned to keep our distance
and we do.
Obsessed about how you move,
our curiosities can not be soothed
until you arrive.
It is not generally respected
to take lives 
yet it is compelling to admire
Hurricane Sandy, your kick keeps us still
or made us move, against our will.
Wind blowing before you appear,
causing high tides, arousing fear,
inspiring the sky to lose all of its hues,
like a glass of whiskey without any juice.
Stuck, sedated, surreal, surprise
scientists seize, no longer wise,
as your determination blows past our eyes.
What can we learn from your fatal breath?
To appreciate life when we may be closer to death?
Should we spend more time silent and in prayer?
Hug our loved ones when normally we may forget to share?
Your voice singing, whistling our way, growing in intensity,
teaching us we are never in control, exasperated humility
as we pray that you are not why we fold.
Powerful force, making water run,
showing us, as humans, how to appreciate the sun.
Sandy, you leave a historical legacy,
humans will hopefully,
apply those values to their destiny.
Knowing your message has been received,
hoping you can now rest in peace. 


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