People Before Politics

Are you passionate about the political issues that affect the people? Does injustice touch a part of your heart, intellect or soul? Is the community that you live in deprived of resources?
“People Before Politics” is a blogtalk radio show that might be of interest to you. Damon Jones, the host of the show, is a member of law enforcement yet passionate about justice, especially in the Westchester, N.Y. area. The topics on the show have ranged from the influence that hip hop music has on the youth that listen to the injustices that become more evident as murders of youth remain unsolved.
Voices of those who often go unheard would find solace in not only calling in to listen to “People Before Politics” but engaging in conversation with the host and/or other guests, related to the topic. Guests that have called in range from community organizers, educators, elected officials to church leaders, just to name a few. Whether or not, a listener agrees with the general opinion is secondary to the significance of dialogue. Damon Jones allows viewers to voice their opinions as well as provides information about the subject matter. He asks questions that provoke thought and shares stories that encourage change…for the better.
Many areas and cities represent the county of Westchester, N.Y. Perhaps “People Before Politics” can provide a forum for others to model within their own communities. A conversation can bring about change. People that share their voice generally feel more motivated as a result, especially when it is directly related to a passion or experience that they have. With President Obama being re-elected, politics has become an even “hotter” topic. It remains a system that people are very opinionated about. “People Before Politics” is a radio show that reminds citizens, local and beyond, that people are more important than the politics. People that believe this are powerful individuals. Together, everyone achieves more.
Check out “People Before Politics” on Saturday mornings at 10 a.m. Eastern Standard Time by calling (619) 924-0811 or logging on to The link to the website is included below. Please feel free to leave feedback below if or once you have listened to the show.

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