Book Signing for Poetry 2Life


Author D.D. Wright holding hard covered Poetry 2Life.


Cynthia Turnquest-Jones, founder of BUMP and Timeka Holland posing with author D.D. Wright.


Candy Mojica, cover and illustration of all art included in Poetry 2Life with author, D.D. Wright.


Candy Mojica, artist and supporter of Poetry 2Life, Robert Ruiz. 


Former vet and present history teacher, Mr. Ramierez with D.D. Wright, author of Poetry 2Life.


Mr. A. Jackson, reading the back cover of Poetry 2Life.


Ms. Parker and D.D. Wright after Ms. Parker purchased Poetry 2Life.


Sandra Jones and D.D. Wright, author of Poetry 2Life.


The ambience of the book signing was phenomenal.


Gift boxes for those who attended signing for Poetry 2Life.

  On November 16, 2012, Cynthia Turnquest Jones, founder of the B.U.M.P. (Brown Urban Mothers Partnership) hosted a book signing for “Poetry 2Life: Youth. Struggle. Love.” , written by D.D. Wright.
   The ambience of the signing was amazing. There was a tone created by the decor that made those who attended feel welcome immediately. Wine and light refreshments were served as people arrived. The author,  D.D. Wright, familiar with most of those who attended,  greeted her supporters. Different forms of music played gently from a nearby room.
  As the event progressed, those in attendance had several conversations. The conversations surrounded the major categories discussed poetically in Poetry 2Life: the issues that youth face, the struggle to make it and the power of love.
  D.D. Wright was careful while signing all books,  not wanting to misspell any names nor wanting to write generic messages in all of the books she signed. The author had a beautiful pen which wrote smoothly as to not disturb the peace of the book.
  Guests received small gift boxes which included chocolate,  mints and the business card of D.D. Wright, who believes in continuity and communication. Laughter resonated throughout and many congratulations given to the author who was teary eyed before the evening was over.
  D.D. Wright recited a poem in Poetry 2Life titled, “Genesis”, which refers to a bully including details as to how the character became this way. She also discussed ways to promote Poetry 2Life with those who offered suggestions.  Being a self-published author of poetry means the road is often difficult regarding bringing attention to it, though D.D. Wright believes in her gift enough to remain positive.
  Many books were sold and signed. The event was a success. Cynthia Turnquest-Jones was a wonderful host.  Guests were happy and pleased. D.D. Wright felt humbled and inspired as she begins her journey as an author.

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