Winter Wonderland

  The Point is located in the Hunts Point section of the Bronx. It is a non-profit organization that supports the arts and culture. The Point offers many services and activities to the youth as well as the community.
  Every year The Point holds an event called, “Winter Wonderland” where local artists are able to showcase their artistic masterpieces. Painters, poets, craft makers and those with skills in creativity have tables within the main area of The Point. Members of the community are invited to attend and able to walk around from table to table, while light music is played. Light refreshments are served.
  This year, an artist was able to sell her art pieces as well as cards she created. The art was beautiful and very reasonably priced. The book,”Poetry 2Life” was also available along with ornaments embellished with various poems from the book. A man made Christmas ornaments out of cotton and yarn. His table was most festive. Several oil painters and sketch artists were also selling their art, displayed on walls throughout The Point. A table was available where key chains that were handmade was being sold. Handmade jewelry and dinner trays was also available for purchase. Those who had a table made donations from their sales to Hurricane Sandy victims as this event was dedicated to them this year.
  The ambience is charged with amazing colors, beautiful spirits and items that were made with the passion only an artist can create. Children who attend workshops and the special classes The Point Official Website offered at the point add to the beauty of the event while they juggle, walk on tall sticks and dance. They personify the gifts of artistic expression. 
  Artists are able to network with other artists which is rare in the Bronx. Arts programs and activities are difficult to maintain and provide during these difficult economic times however The Point is clearly withstanding the storm. Like a light in a dark tunnel, this event ad well as others they offer clearly reinforce the need for support. As Marvin Gaye said, “artists struggle so that you don’t have to.” Thankful for The Point for assisting those who create art as well as those that simply enjoy the views of it.
  Call The Point at any time to learn more about the programs, donating and how to get involved.





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