Where Is Prayer?

  In lieu of the many tragedies which have and are occurring,  not only in our local communities but the world abroad, it really makes one wonder, how often prayers occur.
  Yes, there was war and uprest during biblical times. However, many people have leaned on prayer and their faith through tragedies. The Pledge of Allegiance was removed from daily routines in schools a few years ago because of the one line, “under God”.      

  Supporters believed that stating “God” is indirectly disrespectful to those who may not believe in Him or believe His name is different. Considering I was an educator when this law was not implemented, students were not forced to pledge to the flag if their religious beliefs were not parallel to it. They simply sat down and did not recite it. 
  Outside of homes, how do young people or adults, for that matter, have the opportunity to reinforce their beliefs except for in silence or hiding. Work places often follow the same model that schools have implemented.

  Just as stomachs have to be fed to live healthy, spirits must be fed in order to live in peace. The chaos that is occurring on minimal and maximal levels may be decreased just a tad bit, if we could praise whover we believe is in charge of our individual lives. It seems as though we live in a world where money, material gain and violence are praised way too often.
  Churches, Mosques, Kingdom Halls, Synagogues and other places of worship are sometimes the only places people can go for spiritual nourishment. Why is it that the practices that are exercised here can not be exercised elsewhere or everywhere? 
  The world is suffering from so much. Faith is important for the people. Prayer makes a significant difference in the lives of those who believe. Children and adults need to be exposed to this practice even if they do not believe, they may still be able to “eat” and “exude” it. Perhaps, eliminating one less problem that we as humans face. Isn’t one less better than five more?   



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