A NEW New Years

  Every year around this time, the media begins to reflect on the year’s major events. Many people begin to reflect on their own lives. Resolutions are made, I’m good faith, to improve lives, health,  finances, etc. Although these resolutions may produce real action, a lot of the times, they quickly dissolve and “normalcy” returns. Change is difficult, even painful at times. Here is a quick list of ideas that will hopefully inspire and encourage those who read it, as 2013 approaches. It has been a rough year but if the spirit is strong, pushing forward become just a tad bit easier. Be blessed in the days, months and year to come.

1) Create your own monthly holiday.
Too often,  individuals forget about themselves. With careers, families or just trying to keep one’s head above water, it can be daunting to actually consider treating one’s self to something nice. Why not mark up each month of your new calendar with a date that says “Holiday” and make that day the day you do something that makes YOU feel good. It can be watching movies, a spa day or simply taking a walk in your favorite location. The most difficult part may be sticking to the plan on those specific days. Keep in mind, you deserve it!

2) Tap into your faith more often.
Whatever your denomination may be, feed your spirit consciously. Read the Bible, meditate, go to your place of worship, even if it is a park. Faith and believing has proven to be beneficial to people who practice more often. What is fed to your spirit will be exuded. What will you exude in 2013?

3) Read. Read. Read.
Outside of the obvious reasons why this activity is so important,  it actually takes your mind off of things that might otherwise disturb it. Vacations may not be possible, attending local events may be too difficult but opening up a magazine or book takes you there without having to go there physically. It enlightens, encourages and guides, make it a part of your daily/weekly routine and observe the difference it makes.

4) Volunteer
It does not matter whether you are well off or bad off, helping those in need year round makes the average person feel better. That is a fact. Homeless shelters, non profit organizations, schools are just a few places, people can make a difference by donating time. If you can do it once  a season in 2013, your morale may be just a few notches higher than this year.

5) Take naps
Yes, you read that right. Take a nap every now & again. With a lot on your mind, a lot to do and a lot to decide on, bodies of all ages get tired. To curl up anywhere that makes you comfortable and take a power nap (20 minutes or less) or even longer if you can afford it, just recharges the mind and body. As long as the mind is healthy, the body is way more likely to sustain itself (assuming you are not neglecting it).

Please feel free to add comments of other things that may help the population as we prepare to wave good bye to 2012.



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