Calling All Philanthropists and Poetry Lovers!!

Image  Hello, my name is D.D. Wright. I am the author of Poetry 2Life: Youth. Struggle. Love. I self published this book in late September of 2012. After writing poetry for over 2 decades as well teaching Creative Writing to Junior High School sudents in NYC for the last 10 years, I figured it was time to invest in my own gift by self-publishing a book.  Shortly after,the book was born.

  This campaign being funded would mean so much in terms of the visibility of Poetry 2Lifetherefore increasing the likelihood of its success. The exhibits, both nationally as well as internationally, the catalogue distributed and the  many resources that accompany the membership is the exposure that not only my book needs but poetry needs as a genre. The bame of the agency that would conduct these activities on behalf of my book is The Combined Books Exhibit. They allow authors to showcase their books in both local and international book fairs without the expenses of travelling, hotels and promotional materials. The amount to become a member and showcase the book is a small fraction of funds in comparison to the authors out of pocket expenses if they did it themselves.

   Connecting with readers and those interested in offering even more opportunities will not be possible due to the overwhelming amount of money that it would cost to do so otherwise. The Combined Books Exhibit will provide me those venues if I am able to become a member and pay for the showcasing of my book. Bigger than the sales and money that could be generated is the advantage of networking with those sincerely interested in poetry and reading poetry. One of the oldest genres in literary works, being able to write poetry is a gift. Being able to publish this book is a dream come true. It would be even more beautiful if I can simply place it in the hands of those who will be inspired and encouraged by it.

 For more information about this proposal, please visit



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