Where is he?
Been looking all over for him &
he seems to be missing.
He just cant be…
gone are the days when he played horseback with his kids,
put on his boxing gloves to show his son how to stand upright & fight like he lives…
He is missing & needs to be found,
last heard listening to the sounds of the O’Jays & seen giving brothers pounds…
This man, gave love to his wife & remained loyal thru the rain,
carried the globe &
demolished Jim Crow,
went to church to kneel & pray,
cried in his heart, yet smiled every day.
Now he is no longer here &
our communities grieve,
so much that they need guns & drugs to believe
that he never existed.
Where the hell did he go?
He used to open car doors & carry groceries you know?
He didn’t have bands but plowed lands to feed the youth more than they could sow &
he’s missing from our eyes yet has us on a mission.
Living & singing in our hearts decisions…
We carry him with broken hearts &
backs & souls…
One day he will return, even if he doesn’t, we have all learned
to simply have faith in the fact
that his absence is not permanent. -DD Wright

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