I Love Me

I don’t have to throw up fascades about who I used to be or
Who lives within me currently
Because despite the roads I maneuvered by the hair on my chinny chin chin,
I have arrived, fully wise, learned lessons to appropriate my Yin &
I love me.
I love the fact that I am sensitive & will flip on the strength
Of not being treated fairly,
Even if some don’t agree.
I love the fact that I feel things passionately,
Even if some think I think irrationally,
I don’t really care.
I love myself with no make up, hair undone & trying to figure out how to carry the load on my back.
I love myself alone & sometimes waiting for a hug,
To fill that minute void of the affection that I temporarily loathe that I lack.
I have experienced life with a lack of love for self so deep,
Had me contemplating how to jump the steep,
Into the impossibility
Of ever being able to receive
It even from myself
Although I was never courageous enough
To rob myself.
I love me &
All of my quirky imperfections
Which make me beautifully
I love the thought of someone loving me like I love me,
Watching my gift as they learn
About my history
Of when self love was my deficiency &
how it came to be “pre” encountering me.
With all that life seems to have taken away or
Stored for another day,
I love what it has delivered in my life to stay &
That is the love I have for my sway.
I love the fact that poetry has given me more to believe,
The way it has enveloped all that I conceive &
The way those who should,
Feel that I am too deep.
I love the fact that people don’t know how I do what I do,
For me, with me & surprisingly,
Without missing a beat.
The fact that money does not define my core &
That I don’t have to drop it like its hot to get more
Of absolutely nothing.
I love me &
That journey
Continues to be,
My epitome.
Removing toxic waste
That I used to hold on to,
Just to save face &
Replaced it with faith in the Man that made me
To never settle for being less than a Queen.
I love the fact that my vocabulary
Will allow me to toss profanity
In someone’s face without them ever knowing, I did it intentionally.
That is the weapon I feel was given to me
To protect me &
Gift to prove that yes,
I love me,
Even if that is wrong &
I appear to be mean.
I love the fact that I pray my way through those that prey on me or
That my true beauty
Is often unseen
Until I am removed from the scene,
Making me an everlasting part of a memory
That wasn’t worth my energy
Even if I thought so.
Invincibility has grown to be
A part of this path unknowingly.
Choosing to lather my soul with completion & standards higher than the heels on some bad ass shoes that I see,
Means that I may be the only one that ever loves me unconditionally
But isn’t that better than not loving me at all?
Not to say that I can’t fall or
Tears won’t fall
But my convictions won’t let me stand un-tall
In the midst of my most lonely hall
Because I love myself,
That is all. -DD Wright


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