Heaven, within my embrace,
souls taken to that special place,
where love and home cooking replace,
all of the emptiness that exists in
another space.
My Love,
allow my words to penetrate that part of you
where your strength lies deep and confident,
without any argument,
it is your breath that makes you approximate
to no one else.
I can give you Heaven
in every session,
heal that depression
with my magical expressions.
Can you dig that?
Can I get a finger snap?
I more than love you,
I adorn you and your back and
can help you find what you lack,
within you.
See, the right must be earned to enter the gates,
patience, we seek, blessings we make,
like art under a limelight
bright as the sunlight,
even when it’s dark outside.
We have already been through hell,
took strength when we fell,
now, Heaven prevails.
Peaceful, neo soul like melodies
playing daily and loudly
even when other sounds are around.
Come join me and let your eyes
dance with mine,
while we defy the statistics
saying that our love has died.
What do they know about this?
Lies in numbers was created by
the government,
not you and I.
We bring Heaven to Earth and
exude that peace,
not sexually but realistically,
I give you me with all of the sweets
and syrupy sensations that
keep diabetes alive.
Are you ready to see clouds all night &
the moon all day &
fulfill the prophecy God intended for
us as royalty?
You better be.
Heaven was here before history
and she awaits your hand without mystery,
glowing, knowing who is her destiny. -DD Wright


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