My Soul


(Art work not mine or owned by me or any of my constituents.)

Can U feel my soul?
Is it uncomfortable,
fighting the storms to remain whole?
Humility screaming, refusing to shrivel up like a dream deferred,
did you appear by accident, a soul lost without being referred?
Can you feel the pain, the burdens that wisdom has forced upon it, shaping the outline?
The fragile interior, has come to close flatlines?
Intensity non medicated, standing defiantly,
depite those who encounter it temporarily?
Its pretty deep, meaning both simultaneously.
I deliver no apologies, depite unconscious requests by shallow entities.
My soul, born for a purpose, never unexposed,
alone yet thrilled by those who impose.
It embraces in tight hugs, smiles & tears falling,
it is the core of my being, the pick up no matter who is calling.
Blessed, I am, to know mine so well, captivated by the way, it has never been for sale.
Its texture, the strength, to hold so many mysteries &
pain perceived,
the way it atands when my body falls from the ignorance that it has received.
Your soul, my soul, do you recognize me? – DD Wright


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