Who Am I


“Who are you?”, you ask? Exploiting a little curiosity?
Google? Internet search on who I be?
The question not as complex as the answer you see,
I need drums, tears & a Bible to explain it accurately.
Who I am is sugary sweet, so glucose enhanced, God gave me diabetes.
Passionate,  relentless love would best define me,
it is what I give to my ancestors, friends & the Universe
my family gave it to me abundantly.
I am a geek, always has been always will be,
with sex appeal that I exude accidentally.
I am a mother of a miracle & millions that I teach,
that’s who I be.
I am a black woman, who bares her cross,
cries in the dark when I am lost,
in love with the man that is in love with love, strongly & quietly, allowing him to be the boss,
I am funny & trust two less than few,
a deep thinker with discernment for what is true,
busy body, moving even when I am still,
fully confident in the missions that I must fulfill.
I am poetry in motion, intense & sometimes fiery,
as a Gemeni,  I represent the air & for some, a catastrophe,
slim & short with a Napoleon complex, don’t want anybody fucking with me so
I use my intellect as weaponry.
That is who I be.
Yet the answer is still incomplete,
who I am is nothing compared to who I will be.
Read Poetry 2Life to learn more about me…-DD Wright

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