Poetry 2Life by DD Wright


10 reasons to order Poetry 2Life by DD Wright
1) The book has prayers. Psalms and Proverbs are amongst a few books in the Bible that are poetic. It is only by the grace of God that I was able to publish this book. The prayer poems are #sincere
2) It has several dedications. I will mention two: Tupac and Ramarley Graham. Google them if you have never heard of them 😉
3) It is the perfect book for an adult or a teenager. Read it. If you are a parent aunt uncle pass it to your children when you are done. literacy is key (I am also a teacher). #discuss the poems with them. You may learn something 🙂
4) Two poems were previously published by The National Library of Poetry: “Why?” & “Mourning Him”
5) If you consider yourself a REAL person who has overcome adversity, been hurt, bounced back, you will FEEL many of the poems in Poetry 2Life.
6) It reflects a blend of different emotions. It is not all angry or all sad or all joy. The LIFE in the poems are the LIFE we live regardless of gender, culture or religion.
7) I invested in my dream. I am not saying “buy this” “believe in me” without me doing it first. I put much blood, sweat and tears into publishing. Although you may not care because you don’t know me, do you have a dream? Wouldn’t you want a chance to prove that you are worthy of support? Payitforward
8) Do you like #hiphop #rhymes #family #soul #pride #depth? Ok sooooooo…you will LOVE Poetry 2Life!
9) It will open your mind, lift your spirit, make you smile, may make you tear. There is LIFE in the words. There is LIfE in each poem.
10) Started from the bottom, now I’m here…trying to inspire and encourage…sharing the gift I was given…


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