5 Things Every Writer Needs

Writers are artists too. Although writing well takes skills and is hard work, the “business” of becoming an established writer is one that all artists can relate too. Here is a quick list of 5 items that I never leave home without.
1) A calendar book: Whether it is having lunch with an old friend or avoiding double booking for one day, this is a must have. Many people now use their phones to keep track of important dates and events, which is fine. Just a little advice, always have a back up plan.

2) Business cards: Every one knows this but may need to be reminded. Do not procrastinate if you have none or few left. Order them now and never leave home without them. A missed opportunity to network without a card could be tragic.

3) A Notepad: There is nothing worse than having an idea and losing it before you can jot it down. Again, there are tons of apps on smartphones and tablets that allow this to be easy. However, with batteries dying, signals failing and needing a back up plan, pen and paper never fails. The beautiful ones sold at Barnes & Nobles (my favorite place) as well as Michael’s (another one of my favorite places) are inexpensive and diverse.

4) An Address Book: Never rely on your phone as a peimary means of storing important information. AGAIN, never rely on technology to keep information that is important to you. Address books are needed. Every so often, updating information is imperative. It is a devastating event to have to start from scratch.

5) A Blog or Website: There are way too many free and easy-to-use websites and blog sites to not have one. This information can go on your business cards and to your email contacts. OR if you just write as a hobby, can remain a secure place to store your writing, track your growth and maybe become your book one day. Get one soon!

If you have any advice or additional suggestions,  please leave a comment. Writers also need a forum and resources. I would love to read more.


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