Melodic Memories


Melodic Memories

Control me.

Make it yours.

Make love to my mind,

deliver ecstasy to my core.

Walk beside me,

standing tall,

sleep inside of me,

until you fall.

Give me what everyone says I cannot have,

the love and romance that many say, has passed.

Tickle my fancy

 and make my mind beat fast.

Stop yourself when you are about to arrive

and make the moment last.

Symmetrical parts as if I was created for you

and you for me.

Whispering melodies

the epitome of pornography.

Dancing with no covers,

spiritually synchronized lovers,

lost in each other.

Peaks reached without fingertips,

there is simply no way to express the validity,

it is a phenomena that only you and I can see.

I love the way you make love to me.


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