Embrace Me

Never too bold, I have been told
that intensity dances with seduction within me.
I concede.
It is my desire to be heard and spirit that is loved,
it is the beauty of the elders, guiding me from above.
Embrace me.
Don’t embrace me with sticky fingers and a dirty mouth or
with lies of yesteryear.
I no longer believe those.
God has given me discernment.
Embrace me with
the crown of truth,
loyalty, tears, riches of mankind, not of materialistic use.
Embrace my eyes and caramel skin, the losses that I have endured,
my obsession with a pen.
Hug me until I squeal and giggle out loud,
pontificate with me until we move the crowd.
Embrace me, just because you like my blank stare or the way I sometimes talk to myself when no one is there,
because I share my truths, sometimes on a cross for my views,
because I praise no man but God and tear when I am not sure if He hears me
yet still believe in chasing my dreams.
Embrace me because I am flawed, bleed when cut, blast music in the burbs because hip hop is a part of me.
Poor righteous teachers need as much love as they give.
You might feel good if you give it to me.
I give it to the world in my poetry.
Are you Embracing me? – DD Wright

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