Genesis (A poem from book Poetry 2Life)


Genesis received no love as a kid,hated herself as much as everyone else did.
Never understood how happy children felt,
never comprehend that she needed help.
So she lived life with much insecurity,fed them throughout her life, manifesting obese ignorance andunborn fatalities.
Poor Genesis.
Unintentionally subscribing to everything unpretty,failing at school and society,celebrating the self-fulfilled prophecy.
Created illusions of grandiose propriety,
just to conceal the pain that everyone else could see.
No one ever said success was easy but clearly not a soul infiltrated to help her define her destiny
so she imposed her tragedies,exasperated her misery,spread it like angry poison ivy,on every ambitious individual who exuded positive energy.
A victim turned bully, incarcerated within,no determination or confidence,just a replication of her beginning,
a cycle of reminders of what she could have been,
so hard, so cold, she sees no need to repent.
How many Genesis’ are there in every family?
In every industry?
Hating women and men and children alike,yelling consequences and smiling,
unaffected by the outcries,simply because it represents their lives.Karma and Affection,
seeming to ignore her existence,painful,
sleepless nights when the world is resting,
a sad series of events leading to an even more painful lesson.
Let not the world celebrate her demise.
Let us pray for her soul and her afterlife.
Someone somewhere loves you Genesis.
-DD Wright


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