Ideal and Real

A poem from new ebook by DD Wright,
Embracing: A Poetic Perspective


Ideal and Real (Poem from Embracing)

Take a walk with me,
hold my hand,
whisper sweet nothings to me as we conquer this land.
Man and Woman.
Talk to me while smiling,provoke an olfactory orgasmbetween my ears, withdraw rationalism,
so that I can believe you.
Laugh with me, the kind that makes laughter dance down cheeks,
freeze time so that tears cannot seek,the pain behind
the sound of laughter between our peaks.
Touch my inner child, without impregnating her with serious tones,
give me all that you have and never leave me alone.
Rock me to sleep with your imagination,put the pieces together,
negating fragmentation.
Love me without contemplation.
More of you and I are what is needed in this nation.
Carefree, happy and spiritual elevation.Not even poetry can explain that sensation.
Give it to me, give it to them,
give it to us.

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