Introducing Mz. Luvlii


My legacy began in the year of 1978. I was born and raised in the city of Newark, NJ, along with 7 siblings. 
As I traveled through life, I have wanted to become many things from a teacher, to a journalist to a make-up artist, even an interior desinger. I have always loved the arts.
It wasnt until I discovered the love of my pen through journalism. For three years straight, whether good or bad I wrote about every event of my life.
I found writing to be very therapuetic. The writing then turned into short story writing on down to my favorite poetry.
As it stands, I am an inspiring author; while maintaining my full time position as a Legal Secretary.
Please follow me at 
Mz Luvli’s Blog

Rashida will be slamming at the Poetry 2Life Slam at the Ebook Release Party for Embracing. Hope to see you there. Details below.



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