Let Us Play


Whether U want to play or not,
agree to or break the rules,
its all a game,
someone is going to try & be
a claim to fame or
make U theirs.
So, lets play.
We can play cat & mouse or
discuss plans of the big house,
with the picket fence
while sippin Gin and
roll the dice.
Celo? No, see more?
Of me? No.
I am a runner.
U can chase, game on,
two for one, Gemini,
see me & not see me,
simultaneously.  Like that?
Don’t like your own medicine?
Ok cool, don’t do to me,
what would provoke emotions
if I turned the table.
Teachers teach best.
How about I BECOME like a dude?
Flirt and floss and my feminine petiteness flaunting BOSS &
then………….U are loss.
That is not how it is supposed to go.
A game, risky and frisky, U never know,
but U play, heads or tails,
growing closer, elusive epic fails,
Tis life to use strategies to incorporate dreams into someone else,
outside of yourself,
kleenex ready, nonchalant pose,
can’t ever let them see U sweat,
that much everyone knows.
Yet, U are yearning while learning
how to play the game,
how to be placed on or remain locked down,
like that analogy gives U a crown,
when didn’t U show him the gold & stones of that beautiful artistry
before the start line?
Sublime and with time, fate always plays out,
no room to smile to hard or begin to pout.
It won’t ever change within what will be illuminated out.
The game is fixed. – D.D. Wright

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