5 Things Females Can Do This Summer

Spring isn’t over and Summer is rapidly approaching. Life being as short and sometimes tragic, why not do something different. Do something a little more DARING or something that when you look back at it, will make you smile!
Add comments with other ideas if you have any. This is a simple list but ideas are what makes ‘simple’ something ‘phenomenal’.

1) Wear a bold color! It can be one that you never wore before. It can even be your favorite color worn with the least suspecting color to create a work of art!
2) Take a poll dancing class. Did I say that? A poet? A Mother?  An introvert? Lol! Yes! I did! Whether in a relationship or far from one, this will help boost your inner sexy. Google it. These classes are becoming a lot more popular so will hopefully be available in your area.
3) Sing out loud at least once a week. Yes. Fall in love with your voice & sing! The shower is a great place but why not the car? Or the park? Hell, go out on a limb, sing in the supermarket. Smile while you sing too. Very liberating 😉
4) Read a book! Non-fictional is fine but how about a fictional onem Try a genre that is a bit “outside” of the box for you. Reading is an adventure, in and of itself. For a limited time, you can download Embracing: A Poetic Perspective at a discount just for following my blog. At checkout, enter coupon code ! Congrats…see how easy that was.
5) Make a list of 3 local sights you have never visited or have not been to in a while. Many times, people that live in the area of local landmarks do not visit them. Try the musuem, a park or a historical institution. It is so refreshing and inspirational.

Please comment below. Which ideas seem to be good ones that you are going to comitt to? Do you have any ideas for females (suggestions for males will be in a post tomorrow)? Please share! 


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