Look At Her


Look at her,
dancing love into the lives
of those who know not
what love is.
It is in her hands,
lines crossed visibly yet
soft with no signs of defeat.
Just watch her go,
to the school house,
to the vegetable section,
to the altar,
to the sudewalk to
with love in her fists,
allowing God to handle
the demons.
They have made attempts
to ignore her,
devour her,
shame her name but
look at her.
She was up late crying last night,
writing poetry,
almsot giving up
that someone would read &
she smiles.
It is the wisdom of the sunshine,
peaking through cold clouds,
reminding her pen
that it is alive,
even in, the trenches.
She is weak yet strong &
determined to embrace
the most wicked just to say,
“Look at me,
if I can arrive at the crossroads &
make it across the street, then
you have to know that nothing is
an impossibility.”
communicating complexities
with her eyes.
Look at her.
Listen to her.
Be inspired.
She is no better than you,
just a replica of prayers & struggle,
for you to use
to fight another day.
Amen. – DD Wright

Embracing: A Poetic Perspective
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