An Interview with D.D. Wright

  Being an independent author has been a trying road. Although it may sound like a clique, the honest truth is, if you do not love it, you will never be successful as a PUBLISHED author.
  The promotion of your product, book, ebook, newsletters, etc is time consuming, in and of itself. The fact that time invested does not guarantee sales is even more daunting but a fact. Of course, social networks, blogs and email communications makes marketing a lot easier. It is as Tyler Perry so eloquently states, “the grace of God”, that makes all of the difference.
  While researching ways to promote my new and second book, Embracing: A Poetic Perspective I stumbled upon a website that interviews independent authors. In addition to that offers quite a few other services that writers would benefit from at Considering the high prices of services offered to writers, these prices are extremely reasonable.
Below, find the link to my first published interview. Although I have been working very hard to circulate information for other writers as well as offering samples of my poems for free, it is opportunities such as this, that inspire me to keep going. Please feel free to leave a comment on the site below the interview. Share this blog on to yours. Check out either of my books Poetry 2Life and Embracing. I am always happy to hear from readers, writers or both. Thank you for your support.

Interview with Author/Poet D.D. Wright

2 thoughts on “An Interview with D.D. Wright

  1. D.D. Wright writes with passion and all of her happiness, sorrow, anxiety and love is poured into her poetry. She is real, honest and open to the emotions that most of us tend to either shy away from, mock or refuse to believe in. I love reading not only about her journey but about the promise of where she wants to be.

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