Sweet Soul by D.D. Wright

Passionately yours,
my sweet soulful melody.
I listen to you in the dark,
singing as the sun begins to rise.
You have helped me become me,
inspired my poetry.
Yes, you have.
Crept into my spirit,
made me cry,
made my legs stanky,
encouraged bashful smiles.
Sweet soul,
how could I have lived without you,
cleaned my room,
nurtured my students & child
without you to soothe?
Whether you are classical,
jazzy or hip-hop,
reminding me that there is a God,
at times that my faith has dropped.
Singin tenors with trembles,
sopranos with my eyes closed,
off beat.
Sweet soulful instruments
plucking challenges into
full bloom lessons,
digested with a two step,
uniting all cultures
with a finger snap or
watery eyes or
knowledge of lies exposed.
Made my soul sweet,
wise &
forever young.
Music. – D.D. Wright



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