Stormy Clouds by D.D. Wright

You think those gray
puffs of mass
intimidate me?
Dark & grim
don’t make me shiver.
No Suh.
My ancestors
have seen worse &
yeah, they told me so.
No they don’t scare me none.

Have any idea
how many of those I have seen before?
When I looked to the sky,
saw sunshine
while it rained
in my mind?
Thundered in my fridge?
Faith zapped by
‘lectricity & almos’ evaporated?
Hope praying the wind
didn’t blow it away?
I smile at the sky,
the darkness that sets over my roof.

God bought me through
rougher days than
I respect the clouds,
no mistaken.
Quietly, I watch.
No interferin’ with
the damage that
disrespectful observers
will receive.
But as for me?
Those before me
& coming up from behind?

We know from history, you see,
that stormy clouds
teach way mo’ from within
than those outside, you see.
Know where I’m comin’ from? -D.D. Wright



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