Beyond Here


No matter how many times,
your eyes,
like vultures,
attempt to summarize
who I am,
you will be blind to the truth.

Knowing the journey that
almost nailed me
to a metaphorical cross &
branded me with eternal poison
by the gallon to spread
to the youth,
I declined.
The bullets that your pistol has
are blanks,
empty shells with no bite.
Gifts from me could never hurt me.
No friendly fire as
I am my own best friend.

Opinions synonymous with an anus,
we all have them.
It is by His grace,
that yours does not define me &
will not determine my destiny
so, please put yours where
the synonym lies.

Fire, I have,
so real,
dragons are non fictional,
lava seems cool,
You have no idea
how serious my passions run.
Those who recognize
the reality of me &
even fewer than may
see a part of God’s plan
for me,
need not fear nor flight.
The rest,
I understand.

Thank you for your disloyalty,
counterfeit compliments &
respecting the core of me
before I reverted back momentarily
simply to remind you,
that you couldn’t F with me
in the first place.

I accept my fate,
though unknown.
Heavy is the head……………
& I am earning every stone,
hands down…………. – D.D. Wright


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