Could I…Should I…by D.D. Wright

I could stand here in front of this mic & seduce it until it screams out in fright,
but I choose to not use my feminine powers that way.
I could stand here and play damsel in distress,
hold on to the hymn of my dress
until the men in the crowd
start to confess
that they want to protect
me from stress
but I won’t solicit such a regress
in womens history
besides no one can save me
but me.
I could
the men that broke my dreams & pout
like a woman scorned
but I choose not.
I’m too sexy for that.
I don’t want to do what I could
nor avoid doing what I should
because I’m real.
That’s never concealed.
I wear my heart on my sleeve for
fewer than two to possess &
the one that does or did,
well, “I don’t wanna go there” (singing)
“We should never go there.”
I could probably woo you with my eyes,
deep like the Nile,
introspective innocence
like a grown child
because I am.
I could share their journeys
their visions of
intimacy & imagination &  defeat
but do you really want to hear what
they have seen?
Should I really care what you want to read?
I could kick it with you about Willie Lynch or Jim Crow &
how both of those bastards were smart as f**k
but then I worry,
will I be f**kin with my luck?
I digress.
What you don’t realize is
everything I COULD have indulged in,
I did not but I DID &
the thoughts that you have of me
right now are subtle but not
ones well HID
so should I start this slam over
talking about the mic as a tool
instead of it being a metaphorical D**K or
not talk about Lynch & Crow when this world is so RACIST or
maybe U don’t want to hear where we should not GO
but my words took U there & U didn’t even KNOW!
I eliminate & destroy Coulda, Woulda & Shoulda!
I am the one that DID! -DD Wright



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